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Kuba Jursza
Movement Training

Fed Up With Lifting Weights and Injuries?

Improve your health, movement quality and strength 

Get Strong and Agile Like Never Before

My mission is to show you that being active and fit can be much more than lifting weights, counting reps or doing hours of cardio at the gym. You will be able to finally start enjoying being active and regain full control of your own body. Forget the treadmill and the resistance machines, I'll show you how you can enjoy developing new skills while getting stronger and challenging yourself.


Is this going to work for me?

Whether you're a fitness beginner and want to get strong, mobile and agile, or you're experienced in training and sport and want to practise calisthenics, acrobatics, gymnastics, yoga and other forms of bodyweight movement, I can help you. You can improve your movement range and health without the risk of injury, boredom, and repetitiveness that you've experienced at the traditional gym.

I'll break complicated movements down into simple to follow steps, so you can achieve the body and skills you want. I've helped hundreds of people like you to transform their movement, physique and lifestyle to get the most out of their human bodies. Turns out their confidence and self-esteem also improved!

Why bodyweight-based training?

You’ve all probably tried the classic gym workout and quickly got bored and unmotivated to carry on after a while. Training with me is not about doing X amount of reps, doing the hardest trick or getting that 6-pack for the summer (although improvements in these areas are likely to be side-effects). It's about your health and improved movement quality for the things you enjoy doing, regardless of whether you want to get stronger and learn something new, or you want to get active and enjoy it.



How does it work?

I specialise in improving whole body strength and mobility for better posture and increased quality of movement on a day to day basis. I use training methods based on a combination of calisthenics, yoga, acrobatics and other bodyweight-based exercises. This combination of exercises and movement patterns will allow you to achieve greater body control, strength and balance, as well as improved body composition through high intensity training, resistance training and bodyweight movement.


If you're a beginner and you're not sure what's right for you - that's fine. We can start from scratch and focus on strength, flexibility and improving your body composition.


If you have more training experience, we can take it to the next level. From cartwheel, crow pose to backbends and handstand. To simply get stronger, more flexible and fit.

What are people saying?


Client of 6 months

”Training with Kuba is totally different than the classic gym work that everybody is used to do! It's fun! Challenging and the most important it’s making me really strong! I used to lift weights for almost 4 years but training with you made me realize that calisthenics is more effective when it comes to gaining strength! Thanks for everything!”


About Myself

I am a professional movement teacher and personal trainer based in Southampton. My training began in 2006 when I dived into a mix of disciplines such as Parkour, Calisthenics and Acrobatics. Being self-taught and learning most of the physical skills for myself allowed me to do my own research on assessing and teaching adults complex movement skills. This helped me be able to break down advanced skills and make them accessible to more people who are interested in learning something new. As much as I preach the willingness to learn new things – I believe that quality of movement is the most important.


  • BSc Applied Sport Science   

  • Personal Trainer

  • Soft Tissue Therapist

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Boulder Shack
Unit 4
Imperial Park,
Empress Rd,
SO14 0JW

Phone: 07482 782 656

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