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Move, Play, (re)Connect Retreat

Spain, El Chorro - 11th to 16th September, 2024
5 nights / 6 days (Wednesday to Monday)

Hey you! Yes, you! I know you're reading this! What's your name? Oh, really? That's a cool name! What does it mean? Anyway, I can't hear you, so just keep on reading for now.

I've got something super cool to tell you about! I will be hosting Move, Play, (re)Connect Retreat on the 11th - 16th of September, and it's happening at this amazing place called The Olive Branch in El Chorro in southern Spain. I've been there in 2019 and absolutely fell in love with it! Trust me, you're going to love it!

Picture this: stunning mountains, beautiful lakes, and the most breathtaking sunsets you've ever seen. The Olive Branch is right in the middle of all this natural beauty. Whether you stay in a cosy bunkhouse or a comfy ensuite room, you'll have a view that will make your jaw drop. And let me tell you, the surroundings are absolutely magical. The mountains, the lakes, the garden — It's like being in a dream, seriously!

This retreat is all about exploring what your body is capable of, embracing its limits, appreciating its abilities and getting in touch with yourself and hanging out with like-minded folks!

But that's not all! The food at The Olive Branch is out of this world. I've hired these talented chefs who will cook up nutritious and delicious vegan meals that will make your taste buds go wild. Trust me, you won't be disappointed - even if you're not vegan, you'll get plenty of protein and all that jazz! 

Oh, and get this — they've got an outdoor swimming pool where you can chill and cool off, indoor yoga shala, an outdoor bouldering wall for some climbing fun, and a training area with all sorts of cool stuff like pull-up bars, gymnastics rings, and even a slackline. It's like having your own adventure playground! And guess what? You can also chill and swing in hammocks hanging between ancient olive trees. How awesome is that? I mean, someone organise this retreat and let me sign up as a participant, please!


At this retreat, it's all about enjoying the simple things in life. You will spend plenty of time outdoors, get your body moving, eat yummy food, meet awesome people, soak up the sunshine and stargaze at night! It's a recipe for pure joy and recharging your mind and body.

And here's the kicker: if you're into climbing, you're in luck! El Chorro is known for its world-class climbing spots.  And if you want to make it a longer climbing trip, you can totally do that too - I can help you arrange a longer stay with the Olive Branch if you want to extend your time here and do some more climbing! 

The retreat includes all kinds of cool activities like an intro to rock climbing, daily movement workshops, and even a famous hike called Caminito del Rey. But don't worry, you can do as much or as little as you want - you can take extra quiet time for yourself too. It's all about making you feel like you can recharge while gently pushing you out of your comfort zone to learn and experience some new activities! In your spare time, you can also chill on the sofas in communal areas, play pool, darts and board games!

This isn't your typical pampering spa day retreat. It's all about being active, feeling empowered, and having an amazing adventure filled with fun and excitement. You will leave feeling refreshed, restored and reconnected with your body. 

All levels of fitness and ability are equally welcome - everything I teach is scalable and you can dip in and out of activities whenever you like. I worked for many years with people with chronic fatigue, disabilities and learning difficulties, and my aim is always to help everyone who joins my sessions feel welcome and leave them with feelings of empowerment and freedom to move their bodies. 

So, what do you say? Check the flights, drop me a line at if you have any questions and get booking before we run out of spaces! I can't wait to meet you in El Chorro for the Move, Play, (re)Connect Retreat! Oh, boy! it will be so much fun! 


Retreat overview:

  • Pick-up and drop-off from Malaga airport

  • Nutritious and wholesome vegan meals cooked by retreat chefs (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

  • Daily movement workshops, practice sessions & jams

  • 3-hour hike in the stunning mountains (Caminto Del Rey)

  • Rock climbing experience with certified instructors (open to those who never tried it and those with climbing experience)

You will also have access to:

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Yoga shala for your own training/practice

  • Climbing training equipment, pull up bar and rings

  • Slackline & hammocks

  • Pool table, darts and board games

  • Hiking trails and climbing crags right at your doorstep

All of the above activities and workshops are included in the retreat price but totally optional - you can participate in those as much or as little as you want. There might be extra workshops added/removed on the day - depending on our energy levels. We'll be there to rest, recharge, connect, play and have a good time.


Workshops & Sessions:

  • Arm balances workshop

  • Handstand workshop (complete beginner and intermediate levels)

  • Floorwork, locomotions & soft acrobatics workshop

  • Move and play workshop (movement tasks/partner games)

  • Calisthenics workouts (bodyweight strength training)

  • Semi-structured movement jams

  • Surprise activity ✨


All these workshops and sessions are scalable and I will make them accessible to beginners - some will be more challenging, others will be just about play and fun! 

Optional activities:

  • Horse riding

  • Kayaking

  • Mountain biking

These can be arranged during the retreat

Not included in the retreat price:

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Optional activities

Your host:

Yo, I am Kuba, and I will hosting this retreat for you and running all the workshops! Oh boy, I am so freaking excited for this! I wanted to create this experience because I believe it's absolutely essential for us to nurture ourselves through physical activity and embodied practices. I believe in the power of community, nature, play and physicality to improve our physical and mental health.

My training background is in parkour/freerunning, and this is how I started my coaching and teaching journey more than a decade ago. These days I do a lot of different forms of movement such as climbing, slacklining, dancing, juggling, acrobatics and generally anything new that I find fun to explore and learn! In my movement coaching business, I teach handstands, floorwork, soft acrobatics, calisthenics and help people improve their strength and mobility with a sustainable and minimalistic training approach. This is only what happens on the outside when I work with my clients - what I actually do is help people find more joy through physical activities that are meaningful to them. At the core of my work are health, longevity, physical empowerment and connecting to what's important and meaningful to the individual I work with.

I am based in Southampton, UK, where I teach on a 1:1 basis, and run weekly classes and weekend handstand and movement workshops in southern England.

I hold a BSc degree in Applied Sport Science, I am a qualified personal trainer and a soft tissue therapist (AKA physio). I also attended various courses in counselling and Non-Violent Communication and I am passionate about helping people improve their mental health through reconnecting with their bodies and needs.



The food will be cooked for us every day by our talented retreat chefs. All meals will be mega nutritious, full of protein and flavourful - all vegan. If you have any other dietary requirements/food allergies, you can let me know and I am sure we'll be able to make some adjustments to cater for you.

Sample schedule coming soon

Getting to The Olive Branch in El Chorro:

  • For flights check - look for flights to Malaga (AGP) airport. Depending on which airport you're leaving from - the flights with Easyjet, Wizzair or Ryanair can vary from £100 to £200 if booked a few months in advance. 

  • Arrival & departure - airport transfers will be arranged for you.

    • ​​Pick-up from the Malaga airport will be arranged according to the latest arrival on the 11th of September, but we'll aim to check in at Olive Branch around 4-5 pm. You will have a light welcome snack on arrival and dinner waiting for you in the evening. If you're arriving early you can wait it out at the airport, or go off into Malaga on the train and come back.

    • Drop-off to the airport in Malaga will be around midday after breakfast (it's about a 1-hour drive to the airport (make sure to allow extra time - probably best not to book any flights before 2.30 pm - expect to arrive at the airport around 1.30 pm). I'd suggest booking flights in the late afternoon/evening, so we can still enjoy breakfast and a morning movement session together!

    • Transfers will be provided for the entire retreat group at the same time.



  • 5 ensuite rooms (single, double or triple occupancy)

  • Bunkhouse with shared bathroom (2 rooms, 4 people per room)

Retreat cost:


£645 - £945 (depending on the type of accommodation)

Non-refundable deposit: £200 - this is to secure your place

You pay the deposit up to 6 weeks before the retreat (31st of July). If you're booking after the 3rd of March, you will need to make a payment in full.


I've got 18 spaces available for this retreat

FAQ (soon)


In the meantime - drop me an email on if you have any questions.

What people say:

'Attended the Sept 19 - El Chorro Yoga and Body Movement retreat where Kuba was an instructor. I found out about the retreat after attending one of Kuba’s handstand workshops earlier in the year. Kuba places a key emphasis on fun, playfulness and enjoying your practice, combined with his deep technical knowledge and easygoing style, you find yourself cracking out handstands before you know it!

Zero ego, genuine desire to share knowledge and celebrate your progression and achievements.' - Lee

​'Kuba has so much knowledge to share with others! He does so in an informative, playful and engaging way as well as creates a welcoming atmosphere during his workshops.​ We were co-teaching at a Yoga & Movement retreat in Spain and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and person to do so! It is fun and inspiring to learn from him and I would highly recommend his workshops, 1:1's, (or future retreats!) to others!!!' - Ieva

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