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Small Group Classes
(Handstands & Bodyweight Strength Training)

from £16 per session

This semi-private session option  is for up to 4 participants per slot. This is a great alternative to 121 personal training if you'd like to start training with friends or someone who has similar fitness goals! This method has been proven to not only increase motivation, but is also more fun! Many of my clients actually prefer this method over 121 sessions, as it's more fun and saves them more money!. The main focus of this class are developing a condifdent handstand and increasing whole body strenght through bodyweight strenght training (calisthenics). 

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Personal Training

Personal Training

from £35 per session

Private training tailored to your needs based on bodyweight training methods. You will gain strength, mobility and control to perform bodyweight exercises such as press ups, pull ups and dips. After building a strong foundation or for those of you who are already feeling fairly fit - we will focus on learning advanced bodyweight skills such as handstands, muscle ups and acrobatic skills.

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