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Handstand Workshop Southampton - The Basics

22nd of May, 10am - 12pm, JD Studio, Unit 1B, Ashley Crescent, Sholing, SO19 9NA

Price: £35

Learn a new skill and have fun! In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn safe and effective ways of practicing handstands. Start on the wall and work towards a freestanding handstand!

***This workshop is fo 18+ only***


  • Learn how to balance with and without the use of the wall. I will explain you the two most important wall-assisted drills for learning how to balance your handstand. Take the guesswork out of the equation and focus on what actually works.

  • Improve your confidence while balancing upside down. Learn safe and effective falling techniques to overcome the fear of falling. If you’re afraid to fall, you won’t be able to focus on balancing your handstand!

  • Learn how to practice safely while minimising the risk of injuring yourself. We’ll go over thorough wrist and shoulder warm-ups. You’ll find out how and how often you should practice to keep your practice sustainable

You'll be encouraged to try new things, but everyone will be able to go at their own pace and fitness level

The workshop is hosted by Kuba Jursza:

'I am a professional movement teacher and personal trainer based in Southampton. My training began in 2006 when I jumped into a mix of disciplines such as Parkour, Calisthenics and Acrobatics. Being self-taught and learning most of the physical skills for myself allowed me to do my own research on assessing and teaching adults complex movement skills. This helped me be able to break down advanced skills and make them accessible to more people who are interested in learning something new. As much as I preach the willingness to learn new things – I believe that quality of movement is the most important.'

Maria about attending one of Kuba's workshops:

'I really enjoyed Kuba's workshop this morning & I am grateful to have had the opportunity of meeting such a friendly, skilled & very funny coach! so many helpful tips to take away & work with, I highly recommend, no matter what your level you will be made to feel welcome and learn something'

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